Training and courses

Knowledge and practical understanding of statutory employment and labor law, case law and best practice can be decisive for a correct and effective case handling.

Damkjær Lauritzen offers courses and training in all subjects related to employment and labor law for all levels.

Whether the training is directed at experienced experts or new practitioners, we emphasize that the participants of our courses in addition to gaining significant insights to the legal subject also are made capable of dealing with and solving the concrete challenges they meet in their daily functions. Our training and courses are thus planned in a such way that we assure a balance between theory and practice supported by recommendations for solutions of concrete issues. We further draft our course material so that it aside from supporting the specific teaching also is practically useful for subsequent application.

Damkjær Lauritzen has several years of experience with training public employers in relevant employment and labor law subjects in many different contexts. We thus teach at both large-scale seminars and at custom made courses and as facilitators of network meetings.