Current Matters

Network for managers in educational institutions

As part of Damkjær Lauritzen’s focus on the educational sector we are establishing professional networks in Western and Eastern Denmark with focus on employment law and other legal disciplines of significance for the operation of educational institutions.

The purpose and contents of the networks

The purpose of the network is to give the members further insights to legal topics of relevance for the operation of an educational institution and to create a forum for exchange of knowledge and closer relations between the members and their institutions.

At the network meetings, a presentation will be made by Damkjær Lauritzen and if relevant, by external presenters. The presentations will create a foundation for discussion and exchange of knowledge in the network and the members will have the opportunity to ask questions to the presenters.

As examples of themes that can be treated are:

  • Handling of employees’ leave due to illness
  • The legislation on discrimination
  • Employees’ freedom of speech and handling of employees’ posts on social media
  • Establishment of administration communities and such
  • The new Holiday Act
  • Handling of apprentice complaints
  • Assessment of the teachers professional qualifications
  • The interaction between rules of administrative law and employment law.

Furthermore, new practice and regulations of relevance for educational institutions will be discussed at the network meetings in order to secure the members knowledge of the legal movement in the area.


Target Group

The networks are targeted at leaders and managers at educational institutions, who deal with employment law and management and who wish to engage in an active professional network with leaders in comparable positions.



Networks are established in Western and Eastern Denmark with about 15 members in each. The network meetings will be held in Copenhagen and central Jutland respectively with consideration of the members geographical placement.

There will be held four network meetings in 2020 lasting about 2.5 hours each. The topics of the meetings will be determined based on consultation in the networks.

The networks are planned to be established with the first meeting happening in April of 2020, and the price of participation in the networks are DKK 2.000 ex. VAT per person.

Registration for the networks is by inquiry to Damkjær Lauritzen through We ask for you to write the educational institution and position of the participant and whether you apply for the network in Western or Eastern Denmark.