Generel employment law

As a public employer one is engaged in employment law on a daily basis through the exercise managerial authority, planning of work hours, handling of vacation, preservation of the physical and mental work environment etc.

Due to ongoing budget cuts, restructurings and relocation of public workplaces throughout the last years, we have specific experience in assisting with processes in that context, including the necessary inclusion of the joint works committee and the employee representatives.

Damkjær Lauritzen advise public employers on all legal issues and strategic considerations, which arise as part of the ordinary employee administration with regards to the different employee categories. We have significant experience advising in vacation rules, employees’ use of e-mail, handling of absence due to illness, employees’ non- performance, disciplinary issues and the affiliating administrative laws and other formal rules, which applies to the public employers.

We have in depth knowledge of all employment categories applied by public employers, both ordinary blue- and white-collar employees, civil servants, fixed term employees and limited tenure employees.