Public Employers

Internal investigations

If a public authority suspects that more complex irregularities have taken place, it may be prudent to initiate a systematic and thorough internal investigation to fully uncover the suspected irregularities and any involvement by employees or management.

Such investigations require a carefully planned process in order to fully reveal and assess the factual circumstances and the possible breach of responsibility by employees or management.

Damkjær Lauritzen has year-long experience in completing internal investigations in various forms and related to various types of irregularities, inter alia corruption, other criminal offences, violations of statutory rules or internal guidelines, and in connection herewith to assess the employment law consequences of the disclosed irregularities.

Correspondingly, we have year-long experience in advising in the subsequent process of handling the issues revealed by the internal investigation and we thus assist in filing police report, carrying out official interrogations, etc.

From initiating the investigation, we apply a thorough process while maintaining focus on the key issues which also ensures a proportional level of cost for completing the investigation.