Civil servant law

The legal basis for employment as a civil servant (in Danish: “tjenestemand”) is characterized by unique rules, which do not apply correspondingly for other categories of employees in the public sector.

Damkjær Lauritzen advise public employers on the variety of issues, which can arise for civil servant employment, including the requirements on the posting available positions, changes in position during the employment, relocation, secondment and redundancy, misconduct and the handling of this by exemption of service/suspension and disciplinary proceedings, discretionary and disciplinary sanctions and finally the pension entitlement rules applicable to civil servants.

We litigate cases at both the Civil Servants Court (in Danish: ”Tjenestemandsretten”) and the ordinary courts and we have extensive experience with the completion of official interrogations, cf. article of the same subject published by Lene Damkjær Christensen in Juristen, no. 5, July 2010.