Disputes and court trials

Disputes related to employment are for many companies an inevitable part of being an employer. Whether or not a dispute is solved amicably or at the courts, the dispute often occupies essential resources in the organization, and the result of the dispute may have significant consequences for the company both financially and in other aspects.

Damkjær Lauritzen has many years of experience with handling all types of disputes related to employment and labor law, and we assist private companies in both avoiding disputes and settling disputes though negotiation, including with the employees’ unions.

We represent employers when disputes require settlement in court, and we have many years of experience in litigating in both district courts, the High Courts and the Supreme Court, as well as in industrial arbitration courts, the Danish Labor Court (in Danish: Arbejdsretten) etc.

When litigating, we assist in all states of the process, and we prioritize a close dialogue with the client on the evolvement and handling of the case in order to reach the best possible outcome.