Employment and dismissal

When employing and dismissing employees, legal challenges can arise which render specialized insights in the employment regulations necessary.

At Damkjær Lauritzen we advise employers on all legal matters regarding employment and dismissal procedures.

We assist with drafting of employment contracts and other relevant documentation for employment of all types of employees, and we have considerable experience with preparation of template employment contracts and other standard documentation.

We have year-long experience with the handling of all stages of the dismissal (both contractual and summarily) procedure; from identifying the issue that calls for dismissal, to the employee’s final separation from the company.

We advise on both the legal basis for contractual and summarily dismissal, the process of execution, handling of employees under notice, just as we assist with the preparation of dismissal documentation, negotiation of severance agreements etc.

In addition, we have significant experience advising on mass dismissals.